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If you are interested in professional contest prep services for natural bodybuilding, please contact Fitman Performance & Physique Training by phone, email, or by filling out my application below.

I train serious competitors who are willing to make a real commitment to competitive natural bodybuilding.  Preparing to present your best possible physique on stage is no joke.

I’ve seen some people on stage who look like they are 52 weeks out from being 52 weeks out.  They obviously did not take contest prep seriously.

Some folks approach natural bodybuilding as if they can just show up at the gym, do exactly what they have been doing, and step on stage.  But let me tell you there is no possible way to put in your current level of effort and expect to bring your best physique to the stage.

There are levels to the game.  And just like anybody who wants to step on stage, you will have to get to the next level in order to be competitive and win.

The natural bodybuilding process is a phenomenal process because you learn so much about yourself.  My services include offseason and contest prep programs for:

• Training and Program Design
• Nutrition
• Recovery
• Mindset
• Posing (only for men’s bodybuilding, men’s classic physique, and women’s figure at this time)

Once I receive your application, I will review your form.  If you are a good fit for my program, I will contact you within 3-5 days of your submission.

If you have a specific question or actually want to train with me at The Fitman Performance & Physique Center, you can contact me through phone or email.

Call or Text: 267-460-1790
NGA Pro Card: Natural Bodybuilding Credentials 

Contest Prep Application

Please fill out my application if you are interested in professional contest prep coaching.  Coaching will be either in-person at my gym, online, or a combination of both.

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