Expert Personal Training Near Jenkintown, PA

Searching for the best-of-the-best in personal training? My gym near Jenkintown, PA is changing the fitness game with tailored expertise to unlock your greatest potential. As a professional bodybuilder and certified personal trainer with numerous sports medicine credentials, I will show you how to maximize gains, burn stubborn pounds, and maintain the results for a lifetime of improved fitness. If you’re looking for a personal trainer who will push you to achieve your goals, you’ve found the right one. 

I Provide Customized Workouts & Nutritional Advice

Fitness is a science, and my personal training revolves around proven strategies to cut fat, boost defined mass, and sculpt the body of your dreams. I have diverse experience supporting athletic performance, weight loss goals, and competitive bodybuilders alike, and as your personal trainer near Jenkintown and Elkins Park, PA, I provide step-by-step insights to become stronger, leaner, and healthier. 

Before personal training begins, my comprehensive fitness and goal assessment process enables us to perfect your training plan. After establishing a clear understanding of your aspirations and your baseline fitness level, we organize a detailed plan that includes a specific training schedule and a cohesive nutrition plan to promote progress inside and outside of the gym.  

What sets Fitman Classic Bodybuilding apart from other gyms in Jenkintown, Elkins Park, Cheltenham, and Glenside, PA? The gym you depend on should make the most of your time, improve your outcomes, and minimize distractions. My gym near Glenside and Cheltenham, PA offers it all. 

First, my gym has been professionally designed to keep the focus on your session. I am exclusive, meaning that even if you sign up for a group class, we keep each training session to a maximum of 5 individuals. In addition to my exclusive training atmosphere, you’ll only find equipment and training systems that make the most of every rep. Even if you don’t plan on becoming a professional bodybuilder, you’ll learn exactly how to train like a pro when you join the Fitman team. 

 As your personal trainer near Hatboro and Jenkintown, PA, I am:

  • An NGA professional bodybuilder with multiple victories and top-placements
  • Certified in PES, FNS, and BCS through the National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • The hardest working person in the gym. I don’t just tell you how to become stronger and leaner – I lead by example.  
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How To Set Good Fitness Goals

Establishing clear goals and measurable milestones fuels motivation and can be the difference between quitting or succeeding in the gym. And, just like any other worthy goal in life, intentional planning and deliberate effort is required.

While brainstorming your fitness goals, consider: 

  • Why do you want to become stronger or lose weight? Identify exactly why you want to get in shape. After identifying your specific reasons, write these ideas down and reflect on these powerful reasons every time you have doubts or feel like giving up.
  • How will becoming fitter improve your life? Conceptualizing benefits associated with personal training can be a powerful tool in goal planning. For example, if achieving a stronger physique would benefit your social confidence or ability to play with your children, use this as motivation when facing discomfort in the gym. 
  • Is your goal measurable and attainable? The best fitness goals can be measured and achieved within a specific timeframe.  A goal of losing 10-30 pounds in 3 months is realistic, a goal of losing 100 pounds in 3 months is not. By choosing realistic and measurable milestones, every little victory becomes a source of inspiration that pushes you towards bigger goals. 

Ready To Get Started?

If you’re sick of the extra pounds, tired of feeling tired, and are finally ready to build the body of your dreams outside of conventional gyms, my personal training near Lansdale, PA is the answer. Forget the excuses, ignore that inner doubt, and take action because fitness and nutrition are among the only things we can control in this life. The truth is, taking that first step is hard, but once you find the courage, the life-changing benefits will be well worth it.

My gym near Elkins Park, Cheltenham, and Glenside, PA is affordable, accessible, and appropriate for individuals at any level of fitness. To learn more about what makes Fitman different from other gyms, get in touch with me.