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Note: This specific personal training program is for the general public, for people who want to transform their physique, but are not interested in competing.  If you are interested in natural bodybuilding can apply for training here.

Personal Training With Fitman

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When you begin training with me, I’ll help to you start to build your dream body in the next 90 days.  When you train with me you will be objectively stronger and leaner at the end of 90 days.  That means that 3 months from today you will be objectively stronger, leaner, and healthier.  I don’t sell gym memberships.  I deliver the outcomes you want.

Personal training for the general population is extremely beneficial for a variety of reasons, including:

– Improving your overall health and wellness
– Managing your weight and body composition
– Transforming your body!
– Reducing your risk of developing chronic diseases
– Improving your fitness and athletic performance
– Transforming your body!
– Enhancing your mobility, flexibility, and balance
– Boosting your energy, reducing your stress levels, and increasing your confidence
– Transforming your body!

America as a whole is not in great shape in regard to fitness.  The daily choices the majority of people make in regard to exercise, nutrition, recovery, and stress management has impacted society in a negative way.  But working with me will ensure you that you make better choices and improve your QOL, aka your quality of life.  All prospective clients can apply to work with me below.

My program is in high demand.  If you are accepted into my program, I’ll be in contact with you shortly.

I’ll holla at you soon.
The People’s Trainer,

Personal Training With Fitman

Driven to provide the best personal training programs in Philadelphia, I go the extra rep with every client. Built upon a foundation of professional bodybuilding and certified personal training expertise, my principles and adaptive programs are redefining personal fitness in Philadelphia. 

Unlike any other gym in Philadelphia, my attentive guidance and goal-oriented programs are designed to unleash your true potential. Ideal for enhancing athletic performance, personal health, and all realms of strength, conditioning, and mobility, my targeted personal training near Main Line, PA begins with a clear plan and a dedication to your measurable progress.

My Certified Personal Training Program Includes:

  • Professional fitness planning for weight loss, muscular gains, and mixed fitness goals
  • One-on-one personal training sessions to master technique and motivate you to succeed
  • Targeted nutritional guidance to improve exercise performance and achieve your fitness goals in less time
  • Objective progress tracking to evaluate your improvements and chart your successes
  • Exclusive personal training classes with up to 5 participants if you would like to thrive with others on your fitness journey.
  • Safety and self-defense training and coaching from a former amateur mixed martial artist.
personal trainer philadelphia

Bodybuilding Tips & Best Practices 

Regardless of the end goal, I follow several professional bodybuilding and conditioning practices that apply to all forms of exercise. First and foremost, developing a structured plan that strengthens, conditions, and promotes alignment across all muscle groups is essential. 

As opposed to other gyms, I emphasize correct technique to optimize each exercise, protect your body, and ensure that you can continue training for a lifetime. Through constant feedback and real-time demonstrations, I show you each movement and refine your form and technique until you have mastered it. 

As we progress towards your fitness milestones, we pursue continued growth through structured progression. The key to unlocking your true potential depends on regular load increases and challenging your system with a variety of impactful exercises to stimulate muscular hypertrophy and enhanced performance. Whether you want to build lean mass or lose unhealthy fat, I will challenge you to give it your all each and every session. 

I Provide Personalized Nutritional Advice 

As important as a well-defined schedule for your exercise plan, organizing a balanced and calorie-specific nutrition plan is integral to the success of your personal training plan. With a properly-balanced macronutrient diet plan, numerous benefits can emerge:

  • Achieve a healthier body composition
  • Reduce excessive fat accumulation 
  • Gradually gain lean and powerful mass
  • Increase performance inside and outside of the gym
  • Maintain your beneficial results with a sustainable plan

As your personal trainer and certified coach near Philadelphia, I will show you exactly how to keep your proteins, carbs, and fats in equilibrium for sustainable muscle gains, gradual weight loss, and long-term health benefits. Fad diets and highly-restrictive diets are extremely difficult to maintain. Instead, I guide you towards a healthier baseline with a balance of macronutrients and a slight calorie deficit or surplus depending on your weight loss or bodybuilding goals. 

If your diet is too restrictive, you lose energy and lack the power you need to train successfully. If you are eating too much, no amount of training will offset the excessive calorie surplus. For the best results, I will teach you exactly how to keep your calories and macronutrients properly calibrated for sustainable success inside and outside of the gym. 

Good Fitness Goals Are Measurable & Achievable 

When you choose me as your personal trainer near Philadelphia, you benefit from ongoing insight into your progress. My affordable guidance leads to verifiable results, and I simplify tracking as we reach milestone after milestone. Unlike other gyms that offer little in terms of fitness tracking, my affordable gym provides you with: 

  • Step-by-step training progression plans
  • Ongoing feedback related to your goals
  • Muscle and fat composition evaluations
  • Phenomenal results that you will see & feel week after week!

Get Started Today! 

Over the course of my personal training program, prepare to discover your true potential. Affordable, accessible, and proven to improve fitness outcomes, all I require is a desire to become stronger and a commitment to showing up. Find out what you’re capable of when you choose me as your certified coach and personal trainer near Bucks County, PA

To learn more about me and my coaching, affordable packages, or to begin the journey towards a healthier and stronger version of you, reach out today.