Who Is Fitman?

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About Fitman

Fitman is:

1) The owner of Fitman Performance Training, LLC, and the head coach at The Fitman Performance & Physique Center.
2) An NGA professional natural bodybuilder and lifetime natural bodybuilder.
3) A USATF masters’ sprinter.
4) An eternal student of the bodybuilding and performance training game.
5) A champion for living the natural bodybuilding/athlete lifestyle.

Accolades and Credentials

1) Nationally recognized as one of the top 8 personal trainers in the United States of America during the Men’s Health Next Top Trainer competition in 2014 and 2015.
2) Certified as a PES, FNS, and BCS through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.
3) Recognized as the Best of 2022 winner in the category of Personal Trainer in Abington Township, Pennsylvania.

The Fitman Performance And Physique Center

1) Officially opened The Fitman Performance & Physique Center in Roslyn on January 7th, 2017.

Natural Bodybuilding 

1) Competed in natural bodybuilding from 2011-2014.  Earned only one top 5 placing (6 total shows) in the open men’s middleweight division (5th) at the 2014 NGA Mr. Natural Philadelphia.
2) Officially returned to natural bodybuilding in 2022 after an 8-year layoff from competitive natural bodybuilding.  Won the overall in open men’s bodybuilding and classic physique at the 21st annual NGA Mr. Natural Philadelphia to earn his pro card and the highly coveted title of Mr. Natural Philly.


1) Competed in college (2001-2005) as a sprinter at East Stroudsburg University and West Chester University in Pennsylvania.
2) Returned to competitive track in 2015 as a masters’ sprinter after a 10-year layoff from competition.  During this 5-year run, he set 30-34 age group personal records in 2017 and was nationally ranked 30th out of 96 in the 100m dash (11.57) and 28th out of 67 in the 200m dash (23.78) in 2017.
3) Both rankings were for the 30-34 age group and compiled by World Masters Athletics.

Natural Bodybuilding Coaching Services

1) Fitman offers offseason and contest prep programs that include training, nutrition, conditioning/cardio, recovery, and posing for certain divisions including men’s bodybuilding, men’s classic physique, and women’s figure.
2) Call or text The Center at 267-460-1790.
3) Email Fitman directly at Fitman@FitmanPerformance.com.

Fitman Fun Facts

1) Born in West Philadelphia during the 20th century.
2) Raised in suburban Philadelphia (Roslyn).
3) Graduated from West Chester University (BA) in 2006.
4) State licensed barber in Pennsylvania since 2008.
5) Started personal training in 2008 at Bally Total Fitness (was purchased by LA Fitness).
6) Favorite sport outside of track and bodybuilding is basketball.
7) Outside of the United States he has been to Africa, the Bahamas, Canada, Central America, and South America.
8) Favorite post contest cheat meal is a 16-inch double pepperoni pizza and homemade cookies.  I rarely eat pork, but after the show, I go in!

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