Natural Bodybuilding Competitions
(Philadelphia and surrounding areas/states)

natural bodybuilding competitions

Local Natural Bodybuilding Schedule

I’ve created this page to inform natural bodybuilders about the local natural bodybuilding shows taking place in 2023.  I’ll list a decent number of shows, but the main shows that I list will be closer to the Philadelphia area.

If you need to check the schedule for shows that I haven’t listed, you can check out some other great resources like the NGA and OCB official websites.  I just want to provide some information so that you can make a decision on possibly competing this year.

There are more shows than what I’ve listed but I just want you all to have some of the information.  This could be the year you start your natural bodybuilding journey, or it could be the year you win your pro card.  Or it could be both!

Getting started in natural bodybuilding can be a daunting task.  But if you are interested in contest prep services from a professional natural bodybuilder, contact me here.

2023 Natural Bodybuilding Competitions Schedule
* National or World Championship

2/26/2023: OCB Double Down Natural (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Atlantic City, NJ)

3/25/2023: OCB Garden State Classic (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Bloomfield, NJ)

4/1/2023: NGA Mr. & Ms. Natural Philadelphia (Pro/Am, Trevose, PA)

4/30/2023: OCB Best Of The ‘Burgh (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Pittsburgh, PA)

5/13/2023: OCB The Conquer (Pro/Am, Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Balitmore, MD)

5/20/2023: OCB Jersey Natural Open (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Burlington, NJ)

6/24/2023: OCB All Natural PA Classic (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Allentown, PA)

7-15-2023: NGA Mr. Anthracite/Mr. Coal Natural (Am, Pottsville, PA)

8/12/2023: OCB Presidential Cup (Pro/Am, Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Washington DC)

8/26/2023: OCB Mid-Atlantic Battle For The Belt (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Burlington, NJ)

* 9/9/2023: OCB Yorton Cup (Pro, Charlotte, NC)

10/7/2023: OCB Chesapeake Classic (Pro/Am, Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Baltimore, MD)

* 11/9-12/2023: INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia (Pro/Am, Las Vegas, NV)

11/11/2023: OCB Franco Classic (Yorton/Pro Qualifier, Allentown, PA)

* 11/18/2023: NGA Universe/American Natural (Pro/Am, Deltona, FL)

Natural Bodybuilding Coaching Services

• Fitman offers offseason and contest prep programs that include training, nutrition, conditioning/cardio, recovery, and posing for certain divisions including men’s bodybuilding, men’s classic physique, and women’s figure.

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