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Subject: Advanced Back Workouts
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Advanced back workouts are necessary for natural bodybuilders who are looking to build an elite physique.  But one problem that many lifters and novice natural bodybuilders have in the gym is that they only train what they can see.

For the upper body this means that the chest, biceps, and abs get most of the work.  For the lower body, and that’s if these lifters even train legs 👀, it means that the quads will receive most of the attention.  But you cannot build a balanced physique without training your entire body!

Baby Got Back

Training the back and the legs separate the novices from the advanced competitors on the natural bodybuilding stage.

You should know that at a natural bodybuilding show that weaknesses stand out like a skunk in a perfume factory.  But even if you are not a natural bodybuilder or an athlete, you will build a stronger and more muscular body by training your entire body.  You can’t skip training your back or your legs.

They Avoid Back Like The Plague

Many lifters avoid training their back, because back workouts are hard.  But this mindset is a set-up for failure.

When I first started doing pull-ups, I couldn’t even do one.  I remember getting my then skinny carcass waxed in the pull-up competitions in grade school at Willow Hill Elementary.  The experience was revealing and absolutely embarrassing.

But I did not quit because I was lousy at doing pull-ups.  It took me many years and many starts and re-starts.  But I kept doing pull-ups until I got great at them.

Nothing in life worth anything comes easy.

Advanced Back Workouts (Tri-Sets)

Back training, like training for any other muscle can be done in a variety of ways.  In the videos you see above, I’m using tri-sets.

Tri-sets, are similar to supersets.  But instead of using two exercises back to back, you now use three.  The tri-sets I use are slightly different as I like to take about 15-35 seconds in between exercises instead of going immediately into them.  I find that this method allows you to use heavier weights while still getting an otherworldly pump 👍🏽.

There is nothing wrong with doing exercises back to back to back, but you will have to drop the weight down in order to complete the tri-set.

There are two components to an effective back workout: exercises that add width and build thickness.  The tri-sets I’m using address both components.

The goal with training is to add width and thickness to your back.  You can add width to your back by doing exercises such as pull-ups, pullovers, and pulldowns.  You can add thickness to your back by doing exercises such as rows and deadlifts.

Most people will initially struggle with pull-ups and that’s ok.  You can do inverted rows or pull-ups with a band for assistance until you are strong enough to do them unassisted.


Do not skip training your back.  You cannot build a complete or even a quality physique without putting in the hard work required to build your back.

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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