Unraveling Common Misconceptions In Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a popular method to get healthy and stronger, but like any kind of sport or exercise, there are several things you need to know before getting into it. One major issue that a lot of people experience when trying to get into bodybuilding is that many myths surround it, which might get people going about it the wrong way. We’re here to help you understand these common misconceptions so that bodybuilding can be as effective as possible for you whether you decide to compete or not.

Misconception 1) It’s A Men’s Sport

One common myth that unfortunately deters many people is that bodybuilding is a men’s sport. While men are certainly more represented in the sport, that does not mean that women have no place in it.

Worse yet, this perception doesn’t just affect women’s participation in the sport, but also people’s acceptance of women in bodybuilding. Women are also underrepresented in the sport because of perceptions of what bodybuilding does to women’s bodies.

A lot of women fear that getting into bodybuilding will give them body types that are too masculine. But what some of these skeptical women must realize is that the female bodybuilders who look like men are taking a dump truck of anabolic steroids to achieve that look! A combination of good nutrition, a specific bodybuilding training regimen, and professional personal training in Philadelphia will help you tone up your body while you maintain your ideal body goals.

Misconception 2) It’s Too Hard

While discipline is important, you don’t have to go on a severe diet that compromises your physique. Certainly, some foods, based on their caloric load may interfere with your routine. But there’s even a principle that suggests that allowing yourself to take a diet break during your process is a good way to stick to your diet long-term.

Granted, not everyone is going to be able to implement diet breaks and then go right back on their bodybuilding diet. If you’re concerned about how your diet will impact your bodybuilding regimen, we recommend that you schedule a consultation with Fitman to help you navigate this.

On top of the belief that you need to go to the gym every day to achieve your bodybuilding goals, people all too often believe that you have to push yourself for a long time in each workout session. This might get you feeling good about yourself early on, feeling confident about how hard you worked on yourself. However, what usually happens is that you can’t keep up with that pace, and you end up failing to make any real progress with your physique. As a personal trainer in Roslyn with experience in bodybuilding, Fitman can develop a plan customized to you so you can stay on track.

Misconception 3) It’s Only About The Physical Physique

Many people don’t get into bodybuilding simply because they believe that the only point of it is to get your body super ripped. However, bodybuilding is about a lot of things, not the least of which are discipline and motivation. Responsible and consistent bodybuilding does wonders for a person’s mental health and well-being.

Plus depending on your goals, you may not need to train as hard as Fitman, who is a professional natural bodybuilder. There are multiple levels to bodybuilding and bodybuilding is a sport that accepts a wide variety of people trying to hit their own goals – whether that be trying to earn a pro card and be the best in the world or just getting into great shape and developing a quality physique for yourself!

If you want to get started on your bodybuilding journey, get in contact with Fitman today!

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