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Personal Trainer in Roslyn, PA

Unlock unparalleled natural bodybuilding, fitness, and health achievements with Fitman’s wealth of expertise, unwavering professionalism, and cutting-edge scientific knowledge.

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Personal Training For Bodybuilding

Elevate your posing game, carve your path to perfection with tailored nutrition plans, unleash muscle-building potential, master the peak week, and increase your chances of victory.  Join Fitman’s comprehensive Fit Team program to redefine your natural bodybuilding destiny and embark on a transformative journey.

Personal Training For General Population

Fitman offers a personalized personal training program designed for individuals aiming to transform their physique without entering the realm of natural bodybuilding competition. In this program, Fitman guarantees objective improvements in strength, fat loss, and overall health within 90 days. 

Posing Lessons For Competitions

Fitman, a seasoned NGA pro natural bodybuilder offers expert posing lessons adhering to NGA or OCB standards. With a contest career that began in 2011, that includes an overall win at the 2022 NGA Mr. Natural Philadelphia, Fitman brings a wealth of championship experience to his coaching. 

Ready to Transform?

Experience the power of a workout plan designed exclusively for you.  Fitman will craft personalized routines that align with your goals, ensuring every exercise contributes to your overall success.