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Bodybuilding Naturally: 15 Principles For Success




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bodybuilding naturally

In Natural Bodybuilding It’s All About Principles

Principles and bodybuilding go together like chicken thighs and rice.  And I’m massive believer in principles.

Gimmicks and fads die.  But principals are timeless because you can apply them to any situation not only in bodybuilding but also in life.

More bodybuilders could reap major benefits from their workouts and diets if they added these principles into their daily lives.  I’m not asking for perfection, because I’m not perfect, and there is no such thing as perfection.  But the consistent implementation of these principles will absolutely lead to success in transforming your physique.

I have observed many people, some who compete in natural bodybuilding and some who do not, suffer from a lack of results in terms of strength and physique development.  This almost always eventually leads to them giving up the fit life.

Many folks get into the iron game because they are suffering from a lack of self-confidence.  In fact, I was that person for a long period in my life as I did not believe in my ability to succeed.  But living my life by these principles helped me destroy those negative feelings.

Fitman’s 15 Principles For Building A Great Physique

bodybuilding naturally

I’m often asked what makes my training system for myself and my clients so effective and successful.

The answer is simple: my program is grounded in principles.  If there are no principles attached to your workouts, your diet, your recovery, or your life, you will not get to the mountaintop of success.  You will unfortunately be going nowhere fast.

So let’s get into the 15 principles that must be implemented into your life for you to be successful in natural bodybuilding.

1) Consistency

This is the key that opens up all the doors.

If you do not have consistency with your training, nutrition, and recovery, you will never progress in your quest to improve your performance and physique.

2) Dedication

It is impossible to get to a goal without a high level of dedication.

You have to stay focused on developing your body, improving your performance, and building mental toughness especially on the days when you don’t want to.

3) Understanding

It is important to understand that goals are not reached overnight.  Because the human body requires time to adapt and make changes.

4) Willpower

Getting to the next level is not a smooth journey.  At certain times during your journey, you will need extraordinary willpower to make it through.

Successes and failures will occur, but do not let your wins go to your head and your losses go to your heart.

5) Preparation

Walking into a mission with no plan is a recipe for a total disaster.  Map out your journey and follow it.

6) Desire

In order to reach a goal, you have to be extremely focused on getting to that goal.  Your desire to get into top condition has to burn wildly.

7) Patience

Have you ever met someone who never worked out go from out of shape to a pro natural bodybuilder in mere months?

Me neither.  Real results require patience and time.

8) Faith

Believe in yourself and do not let negative people and influences get your spirit down.

9) Heart

Circumstances will reveal your heart.  But having the heart of a lion will make any obstacle seem obtainable.

10) Variation

Doing the same workout over and over and never challenging yourself in the gym will not create a phenomenal physique.

Making minor changes every few weeks with how you perform your exercises will keep your training challenging.  And that is how you build the body you want.

11) Reality

Being out of shape for a long time does not mean you should expect to get into great shape in mere weeks or months.  Those fitness infomercials we have all seen aren’t telling us the truth.

The best supplement that will give you the greatest results over time is called CQEOT, aka giving a consistent, quality effort over time.

12) Hard Work

Hard work cannot be replaced.  In other words, without putting in that real work, you can never challenge your body to reach its full potential.

13) Education

Read and explore the world of not only strength training but also nutrition and recovery.  The iron game is so much deeper than just “working out.”  You have to connect all of the pieces of the puzzle to maximize your results.

14) Discipline

Motivation will get you started, but it’s discipline that will keep you in the game long-term.  Approach your nutrition, training, and recovery schedule with great discipline.  But do not let the temptation to consistently eat a low-quality diet, skip training days, and get poor sleep ruin your progress.

15) Accountability

There is no path to the top without accountability.

Take ownership of what you do, whether it’s good or bad.  Don’t blame everything else for why you are missing workouts, eating a poor diet, getting lousy sleep, and not managing your stress levels.

Everybody has the ability to take responsibility for what they choose to do and make the changes that put them on the right path to success.


Success requires struggle, but success also requires that you have strong principles in your life.  As long as you are applying these 15 principles to your life, you will begin to see your physique change in ways that you could not imagine.

Bonus:  My wife, Shekhinah B, who is the owner/founder of the WCE Inc, is also a major proponent of accountability.  You can get her powerful eBook, Take Charge: An Accountability Workbook by visiting

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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