leg day

Leg day separates 👀 the contenders from the pretenders in natural bodybuilding.

Leg day shouldn’t be an easy walk in the park.  Leg day shouldn’t be uninspiring.  And leg day definitely should create some fear in your heart before you even get to the gym.

No physique can be considered complete without having great legs.  Without legs, you will stand out on stage, but in a bad way.  To earn those iconic wheels, you’ve got to be willing to struggle on leg day.  Your success requires that struggle 💯.

The Most Common Flaw

The most common flaw for many natural bodybuilders and figure competitors is a lack of legs.  Decent quads are more common than decent glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

But it’s not rare to see a natural male bodybuilder with good upper body development and nothing to offer down below.  And it’s not rare to see a female figure competitor with solid quads and a flat stomach but then she disappears from the side and back.  Without legs you cannot build a complete physique.

Leg day is hard, and can be brutal, but as a competitor you must accept this fact.  Because through completing many hard leg days is how you will ultimately build those fantastic wheels.

The Moves That Will Build Legs

Squats, deadlifts, lunges, RDLs, glute-ham raises, split squats, hip thrusts, back extensions, barbell hack squats, and sprinting (and their variations) plus the proper intensity are the moves that will build you a stallion-like lower body.  If you progress in these exercises, you will add beef 🥩 to your legs.


If you can accept that leg day is the key to building a complete physique, you will have a good future in natural bodybuilding.

But if you avoid leg work and think you have a shot to compete on stage, you are completely delusional 💯!

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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