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The Bench Press Mistake That Could Cost You Your Life




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bench press mistake

Of all the calamities that are made on the bench press, there is one mistake that is definitely the worst one by far.

The worst mistake that any lifter or natural bodybuilder can make on the bench press is using clamps to lock in the weight on the bar.  Using clamps and getting pinned at the bottom of a failed bench press rep can in fact cost you your life ☠️.

What happens if you fail during a set of the bench press and you have clamps on the bar?  You’re going to struggle mightily to get that bar off you, IF you get that bar off you.

And if that bar rolls up towards your neck you could get choked out like you were in the UFC.  225lbs on your neck is a terrible and painful way to go out 😣.  But it is entirely preventable.

What I want you to do from this point forward is to NOT use any clamps when you bench press.  At least now, if you do get pinned at the bottom, you can tilt the barbell to the left and right to slide the plates off.  This allows you a way to escape and a way to stay alive 👈🏽.


DO NOT do the bench press with the clamps on.  If you do fail during a rep, having clamps on the bar is a total disaster waiting to happen.  When you do not have clamps on the barbell, you provide yourself a way out if things go south.

I don’t want to read about any of you, my iron brothers, prematurely dying on a website or social media because of having clamps on your bar.  You’ve got to be smart about what you are doing in the gym!

I’ll holla at you next time.
The People’s Trainer,

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